Top Cloud Solutions in Video Production

A lot of people think that video production is a difficult, time-consuming, and expensive skill to master. You need to learn video editing skills, purchase video devices and production software. But with the ubiquity of video-equipped smartphones and the advent of cloud-based video production solutions, video production has become significantly easier and less costly. With the use of user-friendly, cloud-based solutions, anyone can now produce high-quality, compelling videos.

Let’s take a look at some cloud-based video production programs recommended by the head video editor of a reputable photo & video production agency in Dubai.

YouTube Video Editor

Among the most popular cloud solutions in video production, YouTube Video Editor has the basic video editing functions that include splitting and combining video clips, combining audio clips or photos, inserting audio clips, adding text overlays, updating brightness and contrast level, and panning or zooming on a video clip. But probably the best advantage of YouTube Video Editor is that it enables you to easily publish your project online and reach the millions of YouTube viewers.


PowToon is a nice cloud-based program for creating videos and presentations. If you are making videos for explanatory or educational purposes, this platform is certainly useful. PowToon uses colorful images akin to paper cut-outs. It has a wide library of objects and people that you can use in your video project. Editing is also made simple by its drag and drop interface. With the free version, you can only edit or produce a maximum of 45 seconds. If you are satisfied with your trial project, you can purchase the full version for longer video clip time.


Both amateur and professional video editors will love WeVideo. It is a handy cloud-based video production platform that lets you capture, edit, view, and produce video projects. It is specifically intended to help multiple users collaborate on a video editing project remotely. For example, someone captures the video at a distant location; he posts the video so another team member can do the editing. There are several packages that you can choose from, depending on your needs (lite, personal, business and educational). Some of the features of WeVideo include: support to different media files, Google Drive integration, compatibility with all media file types, online collaboration, cross-platform compatibility, and integration with social media channels.

JW Player

JW Player supports a wide range of media file types and is a great platform for launching your video productions online. You can choose from among three packages: Starter ($5/month), Business ($50/month), and Advanced (custom pricing), all packages are billed annually. Available features of JW Player depend on the chosen package. Some notable features include HTML5 capable, password protected sharing, live streaming, real-time analytics, ad integration, and no revenue sharing. Intended for video delivery and video intelligence, JW Player has limited video editing features.

Video Toolbox

This free online platform provides an advanced video editing program that has very useful features. It can process large video files up to 1500 mb. It supports a wide range of video formats and can also convert files to preferred file type. Video Toolbox analyzes your video and provides its specifics, such as resolution, frame rate, codec, bit rate, etc. In the advanced settings, you can modify this information to get your desired final output. It also has basic video editing functions, such as cutting and merging clips, adding watermark, extracting video, audio or subtitle texts, cropping videos, taking snapshots off the video, and embedding subtitles. This can also be used for recording videos from webcam or other video-capable devices.


There you have the top cloud solutions in video production that amateurs and professional editors alike might find helpful. But aside from these five tools, there are many other cloud-based solutions on the Internet, such as Kizoa for professional-quality transition effects, animations, and other routine video editing needs; Online Video Cutter for trimming, cropping, cutting or applying editing features on a video; and Creaza for basic video editing functions.


You can also browse the Internet for other cloud-based video production tools that can provide the features and functions that you need. With such a wide array of options available, video production has become a lot easier for everyone to learn!


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