6 New Trends in Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has revolutionized many production and business processes. Starting with lowering the hardware costs and ending with improved round the clock access, clouds have been scoring points every day since their debut.

The technologies keep improving, giving us new options to take advantage of. Staying on top of the game is vital to outrunning the competition.  Experts from Bedrock IT agreed to share several new trends in cloud computing to watch out for.

1. Higher Cloud Storage Capacity

Cloud services are an integral part of many businesses. Since the companies’ needs are growing, they require more data storage. The cloud service providers are expected to come up with new centers to offer higher storage capacity.

The estimated global storage capacity should reach 1.1 ZB by the end of 2018. The numbers are expected to keep growing depending on the demand. Small businesses will take advantage of increased storage capacity at lower prices while larger businesses will come up with improved production process optimization options.

2. The Coming Of Internet Of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) has caused many innovations to appear. Cloud computing is allowing IoT to go to a new level. The latest trend we should be watching out for is Internet of Everything.  IoE will rely on computer-to-computer communication, information, process, and human data sharing. IoE is bound to turn into a complicated system, which can improve the lives of many people.

Cloud computing is expected to play a major role in IoE development. It will help humans take advantage of device communications, optimizing their work and lives in general. Such things as universal translators from Star Trek are already here.  

3. Better Internet Quality

Better and faster Internet connection is vital to deal with the growing number of data. Faster network speeds are about to appear. 5G networks are becoming a possibility all over the world, helping businesses take advantage of numerous cloud computing solutions.

Fast-loading and responsive services and application are becoming an integral part of humanity’s everyday existence. Providers are struggling hard to keep up with the ever-growing needs of the audience.

Consumer expectations are growing, and business owners are upgrading SaaS and PaaS to become more responsive.

4. Improved Security

Cybersecurity threats are becoming scarier than real-life problems. Cloud computing is one of the most secure online data manipulation and storage options today. The majority of cloud solutions come with high-security standards, giving the users a peace of mind.

Such a formidable approach to security is making other computing and storage options obsolete. Criminals will start having big problems with data hacking, making companies which use cloud computing more reliable.

5. Going Global

While today many businesses are already taking advantage of cloud computing, others still stick to the “good, old” ways. The trend of cloud computing going global is hard to miss. In the nearest future, the majority of companies will accept cloud computing as the only solution.

The safety, security, reliability, and possibility cloud computing offers is becoming hard to overlook. Meanwhile, lower prices make it easier for the small businesses to join the fun.

6. More Cloud Providers

As the demand is rising, more and more cloud providers are appearing on the market. The US citizens are seeing more non-US options on the market. They are often cheaper but just as safe and reliable as other offers.

The competition in the cloud computing industry is bound to lower the prices and improve the user experience.

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