Work In The USA As A Tech Specialist

Getting a job in the United States is tough but possible. If you are dreaming about a way to improve your tech skills in the country where they are welcome the most, you should consider getting an H1B immigration visa.

Every year, the USA government gives out about 65,000 H1B visas. These non-immigration visas are for people who want to work in the country for a long period of time. They require the employer to fill out an application, pay the fee, and send it to a service center.

Are you a candidate for an H1B visa? If you are a tech specialist, you have a big chance of becoming one.

1. Information Security Analysts

According to CNBC, one of the highly demanded professions in the United States is an information security analyst. These experts earn up to $96,000 per year. However, the number of American graduates doesn’t always correspond to the industry needs.

As information security is becoming a bigger and bigger issue, more and more companies are looking for top-notch specialists. Numerous businesses are ready to hire from abroad.

2. Wind Energy Technicians

In the 21st century, the USA, as one of the most developed countries in the world, is working hard to reduce the carbon footprint on the planet. One of the ways to do it is to use wind energy. That’s why wind energy technicians are in high demand.

Highly qualified wind energy technicians from all over the world have an excellent chance of being hired by American companies. However, they need to be able to demonstrate exceptional skills.

3. User Support Specialists For Computers

About 73% of Americans own a computer. Nearly half of them are experiencing technical troubles. Support specialists listen to the user, process the information, help diagnose a problem, and provide assistance.

While this profession is highly demanded, it requires excellent communication skills and language knowledge. So you must be able to show how well you speak English before becoming a good candidate. About 70,000 job openings were available in the USA in 2018.

4. Software Developer

One of the highly demanded tech jobs in the United States is a software developer. With the numerous gadgets overwhelming the planet and new technologies appearing faster than light, a custom software specialist is valued more than gold.

Experts from Kansas City software development company say that in the United States, there is a true shortage of software developers. The industry is worrying about it becoming worse in the upcoming years. In order to be hired from abroad, you need to know the most demanded programming languages (such as Java or Python) and be able to show a portfolio.

These specialists also have some of the highest salaries, the average one being about $107,000.

5. IT Manager

IT managers are highly demanded for their ability to plan and manage computer-related functions of the business. They don’t just need to be well-versed in IT, they should be well-oriented in the business itself.

These tech professionals coordinate computer system analysts, software developers, user support specialists, and others. For many years, these specialists have been making it into the list of the highly demanded professions. The need for them keeps growing.


If you are a tech specialist, you have excellent chances of getting a job in the USA, but only if you have exceptional skills. If you think you have what it takes to become an integral part of an American company, don’t hesitate to apply for as many jobs as possible. You may be one of the lucky 65,000 employees getting an H1B visa this year.


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