Business Presentation Software Overview

Today, presentations are an unavoidable part of business whether you’re trying to impress new clients or introduce a new product to the market. Business presentations need to engage your audience and be captivating, so you can successfully communicate your ideas and solutions.

Of course, the first step is to have a great idea, and the audience you want to share your idea with, and the next step is to create both verbally and visually engaging content, depending on the audience.

Whether your company is in the funding stage, or you have already established yourself in the market – a lot will depend on a good presentation. Today entrepreneurs don’t just need to have a great idea or a great team, they need to be able to deliver that data to their investors, and one of the crucial things in this procedure is the tools you use for making a presentation.

Here’s an overview of the most widely recognized business presentation software which will help your company reach its goals:

Google Slides

Google Slides is a low cost and easy to use solution, which offers a simplified, web-based approach. Its main benefit is that it’s is great for collaborating with co-workers, as well as sharing directly online or via email. However, this tool has more limited style options than the classic PowerPoint, so that can be a hindrance for some. Google Slides also has an option of uploading and editing presentation that are already in PowerPoint format.


Visme is visual presentation tool which is cloud-based. Visme is a highly visual tool –  colors, logos, and images that are a part of the brand of your company will be featured in every presentation you make. This software also has a built-in analytics system, so you can follow up on who has viewed your presentation or added something to it. Visme also offers a free demo version for potential customers so you can see how the tool works before you buy it.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is the most famous presentation tool on the market, and almost everybody knows how to use it. It is classic, it’s simple to use, and it does its job well. This world-famous tool comes with a variety of backgrounds and styles, so you can choose the one that fits your theme perfectly. One of the main disadvantages of PowerPoint presentations is that they can be dry and boring because people can get tired of seeing the same backgrounds and presentations repeatedly.

PowerPoint designer advises that more visually stimulative presentations capture the attention of the audience easier and help keep the focus on the presentation itself.


Prezi is a template-based software which incorporates unique movement between slides and key points with mapping out your entire presentation. It takes the audience through the presentation to the point that needs to be made, and that way, the audience visualizes the progress of the presentation. Content can be arranged under different sections which keep the presentation organized. There is also an option of free navigation through the presentation. The main disadvantage of Prezi is its price – it ranges from $50 up to $59 per month.

Business presentations tell a lot about a company – in some cases, they can even make or break a business. No matter which software you choose, it’s still the idea that is the most important. Creativity, thought flow and quality content are crucial steps to a successful presentation.

Make sure your presentation is engaging, interesting and keeps your audience on the edge of their seats – and you are guaranteed to deliver your message to potential investors or business partners.


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